How is Repelit different from competing products?

Repelit eliminates badware without definitions or user prompts.  Repelit operates in real-time (Repelit mode), automatically stopping badware before it can get started. 

Repelit does not slow your computer down while protecting you.  Repelit’s works unobtrusively in the background without the overhead imposed by so many competing products.

Custom compilation is a standard Repelit feature.  Custom compilation is a major product differentiator for anEnterprise level security product, - not available from competing products.  This special feature has many benefits with regards to security and ease of use.  It allows businesses to have a unique executable with their own backdoor to doing distributed installs and operating system updates - a useful security benefit.  It allows your company unrestricted access to do push installations by automatically switching into a trusted install mode (Off Mode) – a major advantage in ease of use.  It allows either unattended installs or prompt less installs without incurring negative employee interaction like other active monitoring security products – improves the success rate of push installs without compromising security.  Custom compilation makes a targeted attack on Repelit almost impossible because it is different for each company – a huge protection benefit.  

Repelit is PC Operations and imaging friendly with automatic activation, registration and licensing.  Simply install Repelit on your company’s computer images.  As soon as the new computer is imaged, deployed and gets internet access Repelit will automatically activate and register itself and become fully operational.  No more checking to see if your company is in software licensing compliance.  No registration codes for activation to be entered (or forgotten) before deploying a computer to the field.  Automatic activation, registration and licensing will even account for mass rollouts when exchanging old equipment for new.

Repelit is easy to learn and easy to use.  Repelit uses a rich 3D graphics interface with "EZ-Read" (reduces eye strain) and simple user friendly device-like look.  Repelit does not overwhelm users with a lot of tabs and menu choices or complicated and confusing configuration options – you don’t have to be a computer technician to use Repelit to be completely protected.

No definitions, no answering prompts, custom compilation, automatic activation, registration and licensing, uncomplicated "EZ-Read" graphic rich interface, easy to learn, easy to use and real-time blocking (auto-protection) – Repelit does all the work so you don’t. have to